Add some bling and be seen with these neon products.

ANIMATED 3-Channel Bike Neon Rope THICK 5mm

Be the first person on your block, town or maybe even your state to get an ANIMATED neon rope bike kit! Our neon rope kits give your bike the visual effect of neon tube lights crawling on the frame of your bicycle. Not only do they look stunningly cool, but they also keep you safe and more visible to cars. These kits are the ultimate for showing off at night rides, festivals or pretty much anywhere dark.

You spoke,, we listened,,, and it turns out size DOES matter. We at received many requests for the ultra-phat 5-milimeter-thick neon wire. You are bidding on a rugged 5mm wire kit – the thickest and toughest neon wire availaible.

Inside the rugged transparent, 5mm flexible shell is not 1, but 3 strands of lemon-lime neon colored rope. The battery driver sequences the 3 channels of rope to create the illusion of movement in one direction.

These units are easily added to any bike and feature human readable instructions, plus mounting hardware.

Animated Bike Neon Rope Specifications:
  • Maximum length for portable driver utilized - 3 meters
  • Widest, most durable, and water resistant wire utilized – 5mm
  • 3 strands / 3 channels of sequenced neon rope woven inside 5mm casing
  • sequenced ligthing to create moving / chasing effect
  • Brightest colors selected for high visibility
  • Hardware Included for bicycle mounting
  • Bicycle mounting instructions included
  • Only Requires 2xAA batteries
  • Battery Life - 7 hours or greater
  • USA seller - in stock in USA

Bicycle neon dow low "alien glow" kits / bicycle under body neons

You’ve seen them on cars, and now brings you underbody neons for your bicycle! Every mile becomes the landing strip of your star cruiser when you add alien glow. These use ultra-bright cool cathode fluorescent technology bulbs available in traditional neon colors and emit an ambient alien-like glow beneath your ride. Great for playing it safe, or just pimping it out for the look!

Other bicycle businesses charge you 4 times the price, for a similar product, so now you have the chance to save yourself some cash.

Your units ship with mounting hardware and instructions.

  • Dual 6" ultra bright, cool cathode fluorescent bulbs
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Mounting instructions included
  • Utilizes common battery type AA
  • Battery life up to 8 hours or greater

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